Escott O. Norton brings a lifetime of theatre design experience to your projects, whether you need consultation on restoring a historic theatre or designing a new theatre for your home or business. Master theatre architects such as S. Charles Lee, John Eberson, and Thomas W. Lamb inform and inspire the designs of Escott O. Norton; the aesthetic focus of historic theatre design is balanced with the expectations of modern performers and audience members. 


Conceptual and Presentation Renderings

Historical Analysis 

Design Consultation

Renovation/Restoration Design

Project Management

Programming Analysis


Conceptual and Presentation Renderings 

Design Consultation

New Construction Design

Project Management

Programming Analysis

A new theatre can include a commercial theatre for movies or live entertainment, a presentation space for your business, or a home theatre. Instead of a bland, drape covered box, your theatre should be a unique, aesthetically pleasing space, expressing your personality, preferences and passions. Your theatre should be an “oasis”, an escape from the real world, a fantasy space where you and your visitors can be fully immersed. 

Escott O. Norton works with the finest artisans using the same materials and techniques used to restore historic theatres. 


Escott O. Norton specializes in historic and “character” homes, working with each client to transform their existing house into the home of their dreams. Special attention is paid to the existing structure and environment so that the final design is complimentary to its surroundings while satisfying the specific needs of the current owners. Escott also works with Realtors and their clients when buying or selling a home. We can create custom plans and renderings for “problem” homes, showing the hidden potential. 



Design Consultation 

Historic Restoration

Additions and remodels 

Space Planning 

Real Estate Consulting

New Construction Design


:: Design Philosophy

Whether it’s an Art Deco movie palace, a comfortable Craftsman home, a romantic Spanish Revival castle—or anything in between—Escott O. Norton’s custom designs are created to be:

  • An architecturally and aesthetically sensitive part of the environment and community
  • A delight to all the senses—with amazing attention to detail— crafted by true artisans with decades of experience
  • An extension of their owners, with a highly personal, distinct character—as well as an engaging combination of function, beauty and warmth

EON Design Co is committed to the core principle that good design transcends culture and time.

:: Inspiration

A broad range of influences shape Escott O. Norton’s design philosophy:    

  • He begins with the existing natural and built environment, including existing trees and geological features, adjacent structures and community character 
  • The diverse theatrical designs of master architect S. Charles Lee, ranging from classical revival styles to Streamline Moderne Historic Architecture from around the world, often combining beautiful warmth and romance
  • The Brothers Greene and Greene with their intuitive grasp of Feng Shui form and flow.
  • Rudolf Schindler’s modernist space-planning concepts
  • Older Styles plus Contemporary Space Planning, an exciting blend when thoughtfully combined

:: Escott O. Norton, President

EON Design Co. President, Escott O. Norton, brings a special, personal feel to his designs. As a fourth-generation custom home developer, he draws on a wealth of experience and understanding of the entire process. In fact, starting with his great-grandfather James C. Norton in the 1920s, the Norton family has developed, and even hand-built, custom homes throughout California and Arizona.

Escott spent his entire childhood surrounded by construction and theatre. His mother Sally was a theatre professor and co-founder of the Occidental College Summer Drama Festival. As soon as he could walk, Escott was involved in all aspects of theatre design, production, and operation.  His father Oakley designed and hand-built all five of the unique custom homes he lived in growing up. 

Escott’s 20+ years in the film industry as an art director and production designer makes him a master at directing the eye. "Using the specialized design language of film makers, my goal is always to create a highly personal and functional space with an unforgettable personality."

Escott continues to utilize his knowledge of historic theatres and the film industry through Historic Theatre Locations, connecting filmmakers and special event planners with Los Angeles’ wide inventory of spectacular historic theatres and performance venues.

:: Affiliations

L.A. Historic Theatre Foundation, past Executive Director

League of Historic American Theatres, Member

Theatre Historical Society of America, Member

Society of Architectural Historians, Member

National Trust for Historic Preservation, Member

L.A. Conservancy, Member

English Heritage, Member

The Eagle Rock Association, Member

Friends of the Rialto, Founding President

Highland Park Neighborhood Association, past President

Mountaingate Architectural Review Board, past President

”The best designs tell a story. Whether it is a  theatre, retail store, or private home, my goal is to create a space that is inviting and inspiring. Every element, from the exterior finishes to the tiniest interior details, contribute to the overall experience.“

Escott O. Norton

EON Design Co. looks at commercial property design as an opportunity to tell a story. While the ultimate goal is a successful business, good design creates the environment for that success. Whether it is an immersive sales floor that draws customers in, or a dynamic office area that inspires creativity, the “story” of the space is a crucial consideration. 


Conceptual and Presentation Renderings

Historical Analysis 

Design Consultation

New Construction Design

Project Management



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:: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What kinds of buildings do you design?

Answer: We have been involved in a wide variety of projects, from the restoration of a 1938 Hollywood nightclub to the adaptive reuse of a 1950s movie theatre, from a private high school to medical offices, from a theme restaurant to a complete renovation of a 114 unit apartment building. We have also designed custom homes and additions to historic homes. 

Question: Are you an architect?

Answer: I am a professional designer, not a licensed architect. My construction knowledge was gained through experience in the field. My design knowledge is an accumulation of years of self-motivated study and research around the world.

Question: Why would I come to you instead of an architect?

Answer: EON Design and a licensed architecture firm can provide many of the same services. EON Design can legally design almost any residential or commercial project. One main difference is "flexibility." EON Design will customize its services to meet each client’s needs. Also, while many architects charge a fee that is a percentage of the total project, EON Design offers a variety of payment options. We also offer a wide array of services. EON Design can consult, produce renderings and models, do presentations, complete building plans, and/or walk plans through plan-check. The EON Design contract is open-ended. The client can request any or all services and is not committed to any long term contract. Finally, because of his background and experience, Escott O. Norton's vision may provide more options and flexibility than that of a schooled architect.

Question: What do you cost?

Answer: For most projects, we charge an hourly fee on a sliding scale based on the type of service. For example, creating a design solution on site and sketching it for the client would be a higher rate than drafting, which is fairly mechanical. The fee schedule and an estimated budget are presented and agreed upon as part of the contract, and a biweekly update is included with each invoice.

Question: Will you help me through the entire building process? 

Answer: Yes, if that is what the client wants! Although we are not contractors, we will work with your contractor as your "advocate." If desired, we will stay with your project through completion. This can be quite helpful since many of the problems homeowners experience with contractors are based on miscommunication.

Question: Do you fight with City Hall if necessary?

Answer: We prefer to think of it as polite negotiation! First, before a job is started, a preliminary meeting with city officials usually irons out major issues. Later issues that arise during design and construction stages are usually smaller and more easily remedied with followup meetings.

Question: What if I don’t like what you design? Do I still pay you?

Answer: While we work very hard to create a design that meets each client’s needs, The beauty of the EON Design contract is that the client is only committed to pay for the hours spent. Our goal is to understand the client’s desires and this usually happens in the first meeting. If the preliminary sketches are going in the wrong direction, clients have frequent opportunities to express their opinions before the design progresses too far. At any time during the process, the client may discontinue with EON Design. He/she will pay only for the hours spent up to that time.

Question: Do you design landscaping and interiors as well as the structures?

Answer: EON Design has collaborated with Landscape Designers to create exterior spaces that are a natural extension of the interiors. The connection to the natural environment is a crucial part of all of our designs. EON Design can collaborate with Interior Designers and other specialists as needed to produce a quality project.

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