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of Wales, Ireland & the UK

Focusing on the grand and mysterious ruins of my favorite Castles, this book does not attempt to fully document each building, but to give the viewer a taste of the spirit of these great places.

My Los Angeles

A walking tour of some of my favorite spots in Downtown Los Angeles, my home town! This book features familiar landmarks as well as some hidden treasures, seen through the eyes on someone who has explored these places since childhood!


Oakley L. Norton

Homes of Eagle Rock

Lovingly documenting the homes that were designed and built by my father, these homes inspired my love of detail, fine materials, and clarity of design. I lived in each of these homes as a child, and they are a part of me. Each if the 5 homes featured in this book stand on their own as works of art, as a group they are a testament to the vision of one man.

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